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The Branch Constitution and Rules were last revised in 1997, when a Branch of the King’s Regiment Association. The Kings Regiment Association Liverpool is now a branch of the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment Association. The constitution, set out below, will be interim one, which will be revised when the constitution of the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment Association is finally drafted and approved by its AGM 
The Branch exists to foster the esprit de corps, comradeship and welfare of the new Regiment and its predecessor Regiments among serving and former members and their families 
Membership is open to all members of the new and predecessor regiments.  Other classes of membership are as defined in the constitution of the Kings Regiment Association.
  • Branch President
  • Chairman
  • Deputy Chairman
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Standard Bearer
  • Management Committee Member
All are elected by the Annual General Meeting.
Note:  Only those who are paid up members of the association are eligible to stand as Branch Officers and/or Committee members.
AGM and EGM. Branches will have one AGM each year. If there is a need, an additional general meeting, an EGM can be called. It will be essential for major changes to the branch to be agreed at an AGM or EGM. An agenda is prepared beforehand and minutes are taken and signed as a true record at the following meeting.
Branch Management meetings usually take place each quarter. An agenda is prepared beforehand and minutes are taken and signed as a true record at the following meeting.  Members are appointed by the AGM.
The Branch will have a Benevolence and Coordinating Committee which meets twice a month to deal with such cases as are presented to it.  It will apply Kings Regiment Association rules for such a committee until the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment Association replaces them.  This Committee will also deal with the detailed management of events as directed by the Branch Management Committee Meeting.  Members are appointed by the Branch Management Committee.  They elect their own Chairman when the Branch Chairman is not present.
Decisions are made on the basis of a simple majority with the Chairman having a casting vote in the event of a tie
The Branch Bank Account is run by the Treasurer following whatever guidance is provided by the Kings Regiment Association constitution and by the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment Association.
Accounts should be examined by a person nominated by the Branch Committee prior to the AGM.
Cheques must be signed by two Branch officers out of three nominated at the Branch Committee.
In the event of the Branch being closed any residue in the Branch Accounts will be donated to the Army Benevolent Fund.
The Branch Managing Committee will produce an annual programme of commemorative and social events.  It will also participate in local and national events to preserve and perpetuate the deeds of the Regiment.
The programme and individual events will be promoted through the Association and Branch Website, the Kingsman magazine, such newsletters as it is able to access and by local media
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